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An emerald pool and waterfalls in a scenic setting with lots of trees and dragonflies.

My tour guide point to a small entrance. And stone stairs takes me all the way down, through the trees I can already see the pool. It beckons me, down, and down, and down, all the way to the bottom. The pool looks refreshing and cool.The color is amazing. The trees and shrub around it give it an enclosed feeling of being far away from the world on top of the stairs.

You can follow the stream up and down, you can jump rope into the pool. You can swim. So do not forget to bring swimming gear when you go to this place.

The fee to park the tricycle is 20 pesos, it is the second stop of the Island Tour which you can book at the port exit on arrival in Siquijor.

There are food and drink stands at the parking lot.

When you walk around the pool and follow the stream, you see lots of dragonflies, butterflies and flowers. The place is serene and when you are lucky, like me, you are the only one there. That makes it magical.

You need to do some serious stair climbing and the natural stones make it a bit rough, since there is no railing. There is a pathway across the rocks to follow the river upstream. Be aware the rocks can be slippery. It would be nice if you have company to hold on to each other.

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Tigbawan, Lazi, Central Visayas, Philippines, Lazi, Siquijor, Central Visayas
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