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A 400+ year old Balete Tree in Campalanas including a fish spa at the bottom of the tree.

It is a bit of a weird combination: the ancient old tree looks like it rises from a foot – fish spa.

To know that Balete Trees in the Philippines are seen as sacred, mystical trees, some say they even house evil spirits and to see Filipino people and foreigners sitting relaxed side by side with their feet dangling in the water while little fish nibble their toes, gives a strong contrast between superstition and relax lifestyle.

The care-taker where you pay your entrance fee of 5 pesos is a nice talkative man. He tells a little about the tree.

It is the first stop of an Island tour, which you can arrange from the tricycle drivers near the port exit.

For all they know the tree has been  there for over 400 years and is growing on top of a spring. My thought is: that tree can tell stories that go centuries back. If only it could talk!

The tree is majestic, gigantic, you have to take it in. Once you focus and get to the bottom of it to have your picture taken you realize how small you are in comparison. It towers over you with lush green, filtering the sunlight.

There are souvenir stalls and you can by your pasalubong there. Souvenirs to bring home. Key-chains, T-shirts, herb bracelets, love potion and things like that.

It is a good and promising start of the island tour. With clean refreshed feet and some souvenirs you can hit the road to the next destination.


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Campalanas, Lazi, Central Visayas, Philippines
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