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A small hidden eco-tourism spot for nature conservatory with huge potential

The entrance is a bit enclosed, you walk through a small walled pathway towards a new project.

2 contained areas of which 1 is a work in progress and the other one is open for visitors to watch the most colourful flowers and butterflies that are to be found on Siquijor Island.

The proprietor, Mr. Dante Jumapit, explains to me that the goal is to increase the butterfly population on the island. There are many cocoons and pupas in different stadia. Even a golden one, hanging from a leaf. It looks like a little earring someone has put up there for decoration.

Lots of butterflies going from flower to flower, and there are red dragonflies and stick insects.

The area is still under development, depending on gifts from all over the world, mainly visitors, this is a work in progress. But the goal of increasing the butterfly population and contributing to a healthier eco system on the island is clearly communicated.

My visit the the Butterfly Garden is part of a stop of the mountain tour I booked at the port entrance.

The entrance fee for the butterfly garden is 100 pesos p.p.

And there is a donation box.


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