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The pool of the larger waterfalls of Lugnason looks very inviting when arriving there after a walk down the forest trail.

You park your bike or car at the main road, near a small booth where a local artist sells his crafts.

For the rest it is a kind in the middle of nowhere. Lucky for me my companion knew the way. I would have never found it myself. The trail can be very muddy in the rainseason, but than again that is the best time to see the waterfalls in all their glory.

A group of young men is having fun at the pool. Which is, unlike the Cambugahay waterfalls, artificial. As is the small picknick deck.
Nevertheless it is fun to see them dare eachother to jump from the top of the falls into the pool.

Just before the picknick area with the main waterfalls and pool, the trail splits, you can visit the upper falls following another path through the forrest, crossing a bamboo bridge.

There is no food or drinks available at Lugnason falls, so bring your own.
There is private place to change into your swimsuit and no CR.

What there is? The crystal clear water of the river falling down several feet and finally ending up at the larger waterfalls that fill up the pool. Magnifiscent palm trees and a picknick area.

A good place for an afternoon swim and a self catered picknick.

Entrance is free.

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Napo, San Juan, Central Visayas, Philippines
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