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In San Juan and next to the Capilay Spring Park , another beautiful ancient bell tower is found, close to the renovated church of the San Augustin parish.

The Macapilay Church is situated in a hill overlooking the Capilay Spring Park. Once it was part of the Siquijor parish but was established as a separate parish in 1863. The church is made of tabique, a traditional building technology, based on a timber framed structure filled with a composite earth based material. An old Spanish and Portuguese based rural building method.

The modernized church is a contrast to the Belfry. Like all the Belfries on the Island and maybe even in the Philippines, this Belfry also needs repairs and reconstruction so it his historical value will be conserved for generations to come.

But it still shows its colonial past.

Walk up to the entrance and take a look inside the bell tower and see the structure of the floor plan, the old stone table in the centre and the sunlight coming through the opposite window, forget the surroundings and you can place yourself in a time warp.

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Poblacion, San Juan, Central Visayas, Philippines
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