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A seastone and wood build church in the town of Lazi, in combination with the monestary across the road a historical landmark on Siquijor Island. The Church was declared a national cultural treasure in 2012.

It was a quiet day when I visited the little church, the outside of the neoclassical building is sober and does not reveil the beauty inside. Once you step through the doorway your eyes are drawn to the sea blue panting of the pulpits and dome.

The wooden floor is ancient and original and you have to wonde rhow many feet have devotionally walked that isle towards the altar over the centuries. The original retablos or religiuos paitings are beautiful and the church has many corners that contain hidden secrets like the old staircase just inside on the right, the shrines with the saints and the 2 doors leading to the small baptism chapel.

The entrance is free, the Church and Convent are included in the Island tour which you can start right outside the port entrance with one of the many tourguides with tricycles or motorbikes.

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Lazi, Central Visayas, Philippines, Lazi, Siquijor, Central Visayas
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