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Again a hidden gem. Just opposite of the modern pinkish church across the school yard is a little hidden by trees and buildings an old, well preserved Bell Tower. Actually it is the only Bell Tower on the Island that has no modern adjustments to it and the bell is clearly visible.

When Father Gaudencio Marquez became the Regent of the parish in Larena in 1885-1890 he had the hexagonal build tower constructed. It was finished in 1889 and made of coral stones and broken fragments of rocks.

This Bell tower is not included in the Island tours, but it is my recommendation that if you have time left after you have gone all the way around the island you ask your driver to take a D-tour to see this tower, specially if you are interested in the Spanish history of Siquijor. it will only take a few minutes and the tower is very photogenic.

For all churches, bell towers and monasteries the entrance is free.

Island tours can be booked right outside the port area upon arrival, or prescheduled by contacting any of the Siquijor Directory dedicated drivers, .


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Municipality of Larena, Central Visayas, Philippines
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