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Tubod Marine Sanctuary is the most famous marine sanctuary in the island. Very popular for scuba diving and snorkeling .Located at Tubod, San Juan, Siquijor which is about 5 kilometers south from San Juan municipal proper and only around 10 minutes by vehicle transport . The marine sanctuary is open for all and the Barangay Bantay Dagat has station house and personnel along the beach side for guidance. Coco Grove Dive Center operating in the front beach area has scuba diving and snorkeling equipment rental services, facilities and personnel that can guide in exploring the sanctuary.

Equipment Rental Rate:

Full Set (Mask, Snorkeling, Booties, Fins ) - Php 260.00 /Day
Individual Rental Rate for Each Mask, Snorkeling, Booties, Fins ) - Php 65.00/Day

As per ordinance 31, 2004 of Municipality of San Juan, Siquijor which is an ordinance imposing/collecting fees from any person for engaging in diving similar/related activities in all diving sites within the Municipal Waters of the Municipality of San Juan , Siquijor, and providing penalties for the violations thereof:

Payment of Fees:
Scuba Diving ( without any camera ) -Php 100.00/diver/dive site;
Scuba Diving with camera ( still camera ) - Php 150.00/diver/dive site;
Scuba Divingwith video ( moving camera ) - Php 200.00/diver/dive site;
Snorkeling - Php 50.00/snorkeling/dive site;
Diving/Swimming ( without Equipment/Scuba) - Php 20.00/diver swimmer/dive site;
Filming for Movie production, TV - Php 1,000.00/company/dive site;
Commercials - Php 1,000.00/dive site

Credits to:

Tubod Beach and Marine Sanctuary, Best Beach in Siquijor by Coshan Uncharted ;

Snorkeling @ Siquijor Tubod Marine Sanctuary with Fam by Renee Vantes

Siquijor Island Best Snorkeling: Tubod Marine Sanctuary by Joseph ;

Snorkeling at Siquijor Tubod Marine Sanctuary by Renee Vantes

Big fish in Deeper Water by Browniemike

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Tubod, San Juan, Central Visayas, Philippines
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